Our experienced team members would be happy to recommend and customised any spa package that suited your specific needs:

Bachelorette, Birthday, Proposal or any special occasions celebration.

Skin Refining Body Scrub

Rubs away dead cells and sloughs off flakes that make your skin look dull and lackluster. It reveals the fresh cells underneath and leaves the skin glowing, youthful and hydrated.

Detoxifying Body Wrap

This enrishing Ghassoul mud wrap, works through a mineral, mechanical and thermal effect. Mineral rich, it improves skin function and elasticity, and stimulates blood circulation in the deeper tissue layers, and leaves skin smooth and luminous

Nourishing Skin

Ideal for when you’re feeling run down or sluggish, this cure-all body scrub and wraps that boosts your energy field and immune system as well as leaving skin silky smooth and shrouded in a light, but deeply moisturising

Urban V Moroccan Hammam

Moroccan Hammam

All the secrets of the Moroccan Hammam are in this all-rounded ritual. Soft steam and scrub with black soap, followed by the kessa miss, tool for exfoliation, that is capable of vigorously rubbing off all the dead skin and impurities, finishing by a wrap with purifying ghassoul. This treatment is revitalizing and leaves a soft and satin smooth skin.

Turkish Hammam

This Bath cleanse your body and soothe your spirit with this purifying and refreshing ceremony, modelled on one of the world’s oldest cleansing traditions.

It’s an invitation to fulfillment and serenity. The entire know-how of the Turkish baths in this unique ritual: soft steam with black soap, skin exfolation with Kessa Mitt followed by a massage in a cloud of foam.

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