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Nails & Wax Services

Urban V is the first modern nail salon and spa providing technology and professional technicians who apply an intimate focus on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.
When reserving nail services, we need to know if you currently have on regular or gel polish to ensure we provide enough time for removal.

Urban V Nails Wax Services
Urban V Eyelash Lift

Eyelashes Extension

Our certified lash artists are committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance your natural beauty. Lash extensions can be worn throughout the year with monthly maintenance.

Eyelash Lift

No need for your lash curler or mascara. Lash lifts are a fantastic option for low-maintenance beautifully curled lashes that make your eyes stand out.

Urban V Eyelashes Extension
Urban V Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination

Keep your brows looking stunning and healthy with this pain-free service. Ideal for both very thin and thick, unruly brows, the result is natural looking brows with perfect shape that lasts up to four weeks. A brow wax is suggested following a brow lamination service.

Solarium Tanning

To ensure you achieve the best result, we feature the best equipment and lotions in the tanning industry. We proudly present Luxura V7 tanning device. Netherland famous solarium is now exclusively available in Urban V Spa. Get tan from head to toe in a comfortable way, with vertical 48 tanning lamps you will get amazing coverage. We are committed providing our clients with superior service, with carefully selected tanning activating lotions and most importantly RESULTS.

Urban V Solarium
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